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Thread: Transferring Data help

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    umair9001 Guest

    Transferring Data help

    Hey fellas..

    I was wondering if there is any way of transfering data from pc to ps3 hdd..

    Apart from the redkawa thiny.. as in something like winscp where you can connect to devices and transfer..


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    Sleepwalkz Guest
    i think the best way is usb stick, sd card or dvd, stream... dont know if there is another way.

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    pacific808 Guest
    The redkawa media center is the only way to transfer files from pc to ps3 through the webbrowser. You can use some programs that turns your pc into a DLNA server.

    After turning your pc into one of these servers it will be displayed as a icon in your xmb just like external storage devices do and you can view photos, music, and videos. I do not know any good DLNA programs as I do not use them.

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    Heartf1re Guest
    i think you can transfer data via usb port, otherwise there might be other ways such as cd roms.

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