I'm getting a launch model ps3 in a few days, but it lacks a blue ray drive. If i open up another FAT model ps3, can I take the blue ray drive out and put it in the launch model? I guess I'm asking if the blue ray drives between models are different enough where I wouldn't be able to do it? If this is possible, how difficult should I expect it to be?

Few other questions:

Can you run a ps3 with just an external drive, and no internal?

Is there anything a backwards compatible model ps3 can do with 3.55 cfw kmeaw using multiman that the rest of the models can't. (Like play ps2 games off internal/external, play backup ps2 disks?)

The exterior of the model I will be getting is in pretty bad shape. Does anyone have any recommendations on guides on making it better or getting an exterior?

Thank you in advance.