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    Virii2012 Guest

    Transfering savedata and trophies

    I installed a new bigger hdd in my PS3 and am trying to transfer all of my save data and trophies. I tried copying all of the /dev_hdd0/home/00000001/savedata/ files to my PC using the blackbox ftp and then transferred them to the new hdd but none of the saves show up in the Saved Data Utility. I backedup some of the unlocked saves via USB and when I goto copy them back to the HDD it says data already exists do you want to overwrite? Also is there any ways to transfer your trophies since we obviously can't sync with PSN. (i tried just copying the trophy folder like I did savedata but no luck with that either) Any help with these issues would be much appreciated ^_^ thanks

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Trophies are saved on Sony's servers not on your HDD.

    Or you mean the TROPUSR.DAT ?

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    BakaEcchi Guest
    If you sync with the server the trophies are safed on your HDD, but you cant transfer it between HDDs.

    You save the savedata with the ftp-server and with a usb-stick you transfer it to the ps3 with the new hdd. With that method I could transter GOD III savegames. I tried first without ftp and the ps3 said, that the file is protected. Now I can transfer it without problems and the savedata works.

    You just have to overwrite the existing files and then you will see the savedata.

    Sorry for my english ^^

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    Virii2012 Guest
    Okay got the saves figured out thank you BakaEcchi. So as for the trophies I essentially have to start all over back from 0%? I'm surprised theres not a way to just clone your hdd and have everything be the same as before, hopefully somebody will figure it out soon. Since I doubt I'll be connecting to the PSN anytime soon I guess I could use the editor to give myself all the platinums etc I had but i had like 600+ trophies seems like it could be a pain in the ass.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    No you can't copy your trophies from one HDD to an other !

    But you can collect trophies and update it later to your main account.

    But than you need a Firm Ware update ... which can't be downgraded at the moment.

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