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    ocubio Guest

    Transfering backup games to external from original HD?

    The Question is: I backed up all my games using OM 1.16 to my Internal Hard Drive (160gig) and now it is full, so I want to upgrade to a 500gig internal hard drive. Will I be able to transfer the "back up" games to an external HD then put it back into the new internal hd without losing my "backup" games. Thank you!

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    dragonsan Guest
    use Open Manager or Awesome file manager, to copy all your backed up games to the external hard drive,

    back up your saved games and thropy data too with the back up utility (just in case if you need it).

    Replace the older hard drive, copy the 3.41 firmware to a flash drive, turn on ps3, plug in the flash drive, the ps3 will format the new hard drive and install all the firmware.

    After that, reinstall the open manager etc. and recopy the games back from the external to the internal.

    thats all

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Alternativelly - you can copy out (and later on back in) all your games using FTP server for PS3.

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    dragonsan Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GrandpaHomer View Post
    Alternativelly - you can copy out (and later on back in) all your games using FTP server for PS3.
    Yup, but that's a really really slow method.

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    bugga12 Guest
    Don't forget about the 4gb per file limit imposed by Fat32. You won't be able to backup games in your internal drive to an external if the game has files over 4Gb.

    Just something to keep in mind. For games that do have these, FTP is the (easiest and least messy) way out.

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by dragonsan View Post
    Yup, but that's a really really slow method.
    Dont know about that. I can get about 10GB done in 15minutes which is quick enough, use a ethernet cable to connect pc and ps3 Directly is best way, get lots of games done in an hour! unless its God of War or final fantasy you are copying which are around 40GB each.get a gigabit LAN card for your PC if you dont already have one (any new pc will already have one).

    Also Wireless FTP transfer will be slow, do not bother!

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    ocubio Guest
    awesome, thanks for tips guys!

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