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    [UnAnswered] Transfer video files to ps3?

    ok i converted a video to mpeg and mp4. i tried both. then i used red kawa file server to tranfer it to my ps3 . it went to the video folder but it stops at 1242 mb. the actual file is 5335 mb. it shows 5335 mb when it starts downloading and goes to 100% then installs video but the file when i look at it thry xmb is 1242 mb. and its not complete but will play till the point where the movie stops at 1242 mb. i also tried to use ps3 proxy to redirect a ps store video to see if that would work and it to stopped at 1242.

    anyone have ideas why this happens and how i can get the full file to transfer 100 % i know i could split it into pieces but want to send the whole 5335 mb file in one piece is this possible?

    well after lots of internet reashearch and searching this forum i found a solution. Vilvic Media Center will allow you to transfer 4+ gig videos to your ps3 xmb and they work good. the progress bar shoots to 100% and it show a file size of 0kB while its downloading . but you can see the hdd light on the ps3 flashing and the ring at the top right of the internet window working. after 1 hour or so my 5.3 gig file was done and in the xmb it reports the correct file size and movie plays fine. hope this helps others.
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    videos have size limit, it's about 4gb.

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    try splitting it up it.. might work.

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    mate no need to convert all your videos. Just install Tversity on your windows machine and it will convert them all on-the-fly. You might not get 5.1 but the video looks fine. might save some time converting.

    I use to it to stream 1080p mkv's directly to P3 DLNA, works mint!

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    vilvic media center works great for uploading large files. no there is no size limit on a ps3 hdd you can upload 20 gig in 1 file if you want to.

    crusnik i will try your video converter Tversity and see if it works better than what im using.

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    Any of NeroRecode AVC profiles work fine, but if you dont have a fast comp, streaming them isnt possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zovirax View Post
    I have a AMD SEMPRON64(bit) 3000+ 1,8GHz @ 2,0GHz with 128bit WideDataPaths and Samsung Originale 2x1045MB RAM @ 400MHz.So i gues it is Speedy enough

    But i have same proplem with the vilvic media center too.They give me no IP or some thing and with these thinks i do not have abilities.Can i use the same IP to download my Files to PS3 as the RedKawa File Server hase given to me :??
    Use Nero MediaHome. I use it for my PS3 and it transcodes and streams the videos (no matter what format) to my PS3 and plays fine. All you gotta do is tell MediaHome which folders to share, then go to PS3 and search Media Servers and the computer should come up. Now go to you PC and allow the PS3 to connect to your computer. Next you sit back and enjoy your movies.

    PS. Make sure you have a home network.

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    Once you connect to your server of choice (Nero, Tversity Or Vilvic) from your PS3 just press triangle on the file you want to copy and chose copy. I use Vilvic because it allows more variety of files to be transfered.

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    when i launch vilvic media center it tells me what my pc ip is and what to use after teh ip. so try the ip of your pc that is running vilvic and add :8000 to the end.

    example that is what mine is. also be sure your ps3 is set not to use any programs that use proxy server sucj as ps3 proxy. so in your network options on the ps3 be sure proxy server is turned off and do a regular network will fail the firmware check and be sighned out of ps network if your firmware isnt current but its ok cuz the intenet explorer in the xmb will still acess the internet.

    then start the internet explorer and go to your pc ip adress + :8000 and you will see vilvic pop up. you can then beouse your folders from vilvic.

    also to setup vilvic media center on your ps you have to use note pad to open the setup file and it will tell you the path on your pc that vivlic folders should be in.

    example c:/ my videos i belive is one. so make that folder on your pc hdd and put any files you want to transfer into that folder.

    then when your able to veiw that folder on your ps3 all you do is click on the link for the file you want and your ps3 will download it to the correct place . such as pics if your downloading a pic or video if your trying to transfer a video format the ps3 can reconise like mp4 or mpg .

    hope this helps explain it. i like vilvic it really works good once you get used to it.

    my ps3 ip adress is like i think so if you vilvic pc and your pc3 share simillar ip adress like it should if your running a router then you should be able to connect.
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    Used Tversity for 3 months, transcodes on the fly or can copy from PC server onto PS3. Occaisonal hangup, just need to restart the XP Tversity service. Easy to set up, just clean out codecs before you install then follow install instructions.


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