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    [UnAnswered] Transfer ps2 saves from ps3 back to ps2

    Is it possible? I want to play Kingdom Hearts 2 on PS2, but the disc drive can't read dvds, but I am able to play off of HDD, but since you can't do the Gummi Ship missions from HDD, I want be able to just play those on PS3, and transfer the saves back to PS2. Can it be done?

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    Not until the format that the PS3 exports game saves in can be converted to something usable on a PS2.

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    Don't quote me on this, but it is very possible for them to release a software update to transfer saves to the Ps2/Ps1 Memory cards. I think they are mainly working on backwards compatibility right now, because they do infact have a worldwide launch coming up. It's a lot of pressure on them because people expect every game to be backwards compatible. So I'd wait a couple months or maybe even less and they'll incorperate it into the firmware updates.

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