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Thread: Transfer jailbroken games from Ext. HD to my buddies?

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    Krisdog Guest

    Transfer jailbroken games from Ext. HD to my buddies?

    I am trying to "dump" my jalbroken games from my WD 500gb ext.HD, to a (new) WD 1tb ext. HD. But this time the games are not showing up when plugged into ps3, I'm using open manager 1.13, but for some reason PS3 will not recognize the game files.

    Here is what Ive attempted already;

    I have formatted my buddies new 1tb to fat32 with acronis disk creator, then highlighted all my games, copied, dragged from my 500gb to the 1tb HD. The "dump" of games copied completely and all the games were all on the 1tb . But will not acknowledge the games once plugged into ps3.

    I am a newbie, but far from an idiot! I know since the jailbreak blew up there are a lot of people asking novice questions.
    I need help please. Do I need to make new folder and put the games in it? Do i need to move the game files from one HD to the other differently during my dump.

    Can somebody PLEASE give me a quick run down, or the correct way to accomplish this game swap from HD to HD, trying to hook my buddy up with my games and its PISSING ME OFF. Thank you in advance for any help.

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    alsuser Guest
    On the new hard drive, are the games copied into a folder called "GAMEZ" which should be located on the root of the drive?

    Also, do you know if the new drive is properly recognised by the PS3?

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Isn't OpenBM's game directory "GAMES" & not "GAMEZ"? not sure cuz i don't use OpenBM.

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    Krisdog Guest
    The1 tb HD is showing up in open manager as usb, as far as properly recognized? I just opened the box, formatted then started dumping games directly to the 1tb. I'm starting over from scratch, because I got frustrated and decided to erase. my 500gb has a a GAMEZ folder with the copies inside and OpenBM recognizes all my games, so I think the spelling may be okay.

    How do know if drive is properly recognized? Just format it correctly using FAT32 right.. I'm gonna start over again once I figure out if the drive is properly recognizable. Buy creating folder "Gamez" and copy mine, drag to 1tb the dump directly into "GAMEZ" fil w/out opening it.

    Thanks for the replies and if what I just wrote is wrong or you have incite please HELP.

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    just format fat32, put the "GAMEZ" folder to the new drive, all should be well after that. If not report back here & folks here will help u get it working.

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    kamenrider Guest
    a tip... during your trial and error, just put one game into /GAMEZ and then try it 1st rather than copying your whole library across. might save u some time.

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    unimatrix725 Guest

    Question Yes it IS GAMEZ Folder

    I put a folder CALLED GAMEZ all caps in the root of the drive (when you open the drive) Put your games in there Best advice is if they are named like Dantes Inferno for example then inside that folder there is another called BLUS30405 Move or Cut/Paste the BLUS30405 Folder into the Gamez folder and delete any folders with the game names.

    This was what drove me crazy for 3 days (giving a eboot.bin error). Hook the ext drive up to the JB PS3 Open your BackUp Manager I prefer Open Manager 1.142. Then Copy to Int HDD, then hook up your friends HDD and copy them to it. If you are only using a PC then that folder setup is all you have to do. I copy mine to ext. hdd and then hook it to PS3 cause the ftp is way slower than the ext. hdd to transfer.

    My Ext HDD is a WD320GB-SATA hooked to a usb adapter with a power adapter since its a full size drive. I also have a Hitachi 40GB SATA Notebook drive that is hooked to a seagate freeagent go dock and it works fine also. Acronis is a great app I use it all the time.

    If any of this doesnt work try Formatting the HDD from the Disk Management in windows selecting FAT32 and "Default" for the Cluster Size and choose whatever name you want.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Try using external power source for frined's HDD. Maybe, it lacks power form PS3 thus is not recognized at all. I suggest put some photos/videos into that HDD and try to view them from XMB.

    Other than power issue, it can be bad fat32 formating. Try reformatting it.

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    Krisdog Guest
    Thank you for the many responses. Not only did all your combined advice clear up my transfer issue, it educated me. I tried one game while I was trouble shooting to save time. (great tip, I feel retarded for not thinking of it) I then created GAMEZ file and continued to transfer. It worked perfect, and now I'm doing a full dump. ONCE AGAIN A THOUSAND THANK YOUZ!

    I'm new to this site and this was my first post/thread, I could not be more pleased. I hope I can return the favor. Krisdog

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