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    neostars Guest

    Transfer games to PS3 help?

    Hi All,

    Sorry for being so newbie. I have dl a game onto a usb stick.

    The directory goes like this

    > PS3_GAME
    > PS3_UPDATE

    So I put the USB stick into the PS3, and I can't find where to copy it to the PS3. I have also install Gaia Manager.

    Please help.

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    armanatz Guest
    First you will need to first make sure you have jailbroken your console using one of the many available methods. Also, make sure you are using the latest payloads. These are basically, in very laymen terms, the exploits that make your PS3 run unsigned code and do other cool features. The payloads available are Hermes' v4b or KaKaRoToKS' PL3. You can find these around the forum if you search for them.

    Once you do that, you will have to download a backup manager. The one I recommend is Gaia Manager as it has an easy interface. There are of course others out there so experiment and look for the one you like the most.

    After you download the backup manager, copy it to another USB stick and connect it to your JAILBROKEN PS3 and in the _Install Package Files folder there should be a file(s) (depending on what Backup Manager you downloaded). I am going to assume you have downloaded Gaia Manager. There will be two files, one for if the folder on your HDD (to which you have transferred the games to) is called GAMEZ, and the other for if it is called BD-RIPS. Install the according one and after it is done you will find it in another folder.

    Open Gaia Manager and the name of your game should be there. Select it, run it and you will be booted into XMB again. After that goto the first folder (the one that ends with PS3_Game) and click on it and you should be on your way.

    If you have any questions, do let me know!

    I just realized that you had jailbroken your PS3 and installed Gaia already... so ignore my first post.

    Did you copy the game into the according folder of the Gaia Manager that you installed?
    For example, if you installed Gaia for GAMEZ than the folder on your USB stick should be GAMEZ as well

    If you have any questions, do let me know!

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    lilglass Guest


    I installed gaia manager 1.3.001 and jail broken my ps3 with ti 84 calculator but when i backup a game it resets xmb and the game folder doesn't show the backup i launched. Is there other folders i need to put on usb stick or what. Please help me i want to play the backups.

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