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    redwings1905 Guest

    Transfer data between PS3 HDs?

    I've bought a larger HD and want to transfer all my content from my old PS3 HD to my new one. I understand that the PS3 backup utility allows me to do this however, I need an external HD or flashdrive to backup my data as it won't allow me to back up and restore the data on my new HD.

    The problem is I don't have an external HD/USB stick that's 60gb. How can I transfer the content from my old HD to my new one without needing an external drive?


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    hackerxide Guest
    Your question does present some problems for you, do you have 2 ps3's, you could try the data transfer utility feature using a ethernet cord plugged into both of the ps3's but like i said you would need 2 ps3's.

    You might want to consider buying a external HDD because they are very use full, I bought a omega 1 TB harddrive from Radio Shack for 60 dollars.

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    redwings1905 Guest
    Unfortunately I do not. It's a shame I just can't backup the data directly to my HD, insert it in the PS3, and all the data be there.

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    urbanracer34 Guest
    Your problem can only be solved by using 2 ps3s with the data transfer utility OR buying an external drive.

    I HIGHLY suggest going for the external drive option. It will also last you a long time if it's by Seagate or Western Digital.

    Check newegg out for great deals. You can get a 2TB hard drive for under $100, and if you jailbreak you'll need all the space you can get!

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    redwings1905 Guest
    Thanks for the answers guys

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