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Thread: Tombraider PS3 issue help?

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    darksoulnoob Guest

    Tombraider PS3 issue help?

    Anyone any ideas on these two as I have checked and though there is lots on tombraider not much on RM and no one seems to agree on the solutions either way?

    I have fat 80gig ps3
    cfw rebug 4.3

    Both games have same issue. Install them external or internal and after the (would you like the 4.31 to 4.3 mm fix) go to xmb and select it and... nothing but an endless black screen. If I fiddle with the eboots I get the error 80010009 but even with mm game settings nothing seems to work.

    Any suggestions please as been at this 2 days now to no avail :?

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    Liongooder Guest
    Maybe there is something wrong with your backup, which release do you have & what is the size of the game?

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