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    brushless Guest

    Tom Clancys hawk x 2 no pack!

    when i direct boot or boot from xmb, internal or external update with retail/debug i still get the No Pack message every time. now the compatibility list says it works...

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    Apr 2005


    Keep in mind the list is still a WIP and contains incorrect entries, dupes, etc... any corrections should be reported HERE so that we can update it as time permits.

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    brushless Guest
    ok boss, i'll try a few more combos to see if i can load past the nopack. then i'll post there with an update.

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    me2010 Guest
    brushless, I'm having the same prob with this title.

    I am using Ps3break Dongle with HEX v1.3b, Tried it on Open Manager 1.161 internal & external & patched mode , also on Backup Manager 2 from retail disc, no luck.

    Will post here if any updates!

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    brushless Guest
    i just had success with hermes v3 and pretty manager R4 with a random game in with direct boot on. it loads me back to xmb where the game shows as a disc. i just got done playing it

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