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    Tiger Woods 2012 PS3 DLC Courses help?

    I have all the rif files & all the game data for all of the tiger woods 12 dlc courses that i download on my old ps3. Lightning hit my house and fried by ps3. How can i reactivate the courses with reactpsn? I haven't seen this dlc posted anywhere so maybe what i have can help the community here. Anybody care to help me get these activated so i can share them with everyone?

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    Is your PS3 dead or alive, if dead, i know ps3 hdd decryption was being worked on once upon a time, i dont know if its still being worked on.
    If alive, Pr0pJ0e could be your man to give DLC/rifs too

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    The ps3 is dead and was tossed out months ago. However before it got fried, i had previously backed up all the game data & rifs for the dlc courses. So now i just have that data sitting there collecting dust. Was hoping to get it working & share with the PS3 scene. How do i get in touch with Pr0pJ0e?

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    You can send him a message on his profile page or via PM:

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