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Thread: TI84 Plus won't sync now all of a sudden?

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    ltent Guest

    TI84 Plus won't sync now all of a sudden?

    So I have used this calculator just fine, ran the jb from it. Used it since psgroove has been ported to it. Today I went back to try to update the payload to hermes and windows 7, xp, nor mac will not recognize the device. Says unknown on the windows pcs' the mac doesnt see anything!

    Tried reinstalling, and removing and all the normal steps to get windows to correctly identify it, and nothing. The calculator is still functioning fine, and the jb still works from it, dont know why I cant get it to work.. can anybody help me please. This is the ti 84+ black not silver or se!!!

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Try removing the batteries and putting them back. It's worth a shot.

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    ltent Guest
    Thanks for the response... tried that... no luck.. still shows unknown device... like it doesnt have the drivers or something...

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    marc2590 Guest
    Reinstall Ti-Connect software.

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    ltent Guest


    i did that multiple times... won't work...

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    DarkAntiMatter Guest
    Most of them have a backup battery. Look under the battery cover, and there might just be another battery cover that requires a screw to open. Under that there is a backup battery, so just pull that out. It will wipe your calc's memory clean though. Good luck!

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    ltent Guest
    Bingo... I was just looking at that and that did the trick.. thanks for the help fellas.. i now have hermes payload up and running!!

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