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    joebud90 Guest

    TI84, open manager, Cant get anything to work

    I am new at the ps3. I bought it and updated it to 3.41 (offline since it would have upgraded past 3.41). I use the ti84 exploit, backup enabled, open manager and the only game I have so far is the sega collection. I can run all the homebrew ftp, snes, etc and startup open manager but can seem to run any games from it. I keep getting the (i think) 80010017 error of failure on startup. I even tried to backup the sega collection and run that off the HDD but it doesnt work either.

    I got as far as signing up my console on psn (got a username etc) but have not been able to sign in and activate/deactivate friends (as i read that could be a reason) because of sony's block.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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    aamir007 Guest
    What version of the exploit are you using? Because open manager only works with the Hermes added payload and are you inserting a disc (i've attached it for you) , if you have a working BD Drive then insert a disc as this increases the compatibility as all games do not work with out disc in the drive.

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    joebud90 Guest
    I tried the files you posted: no luck. I am inserting the disc when trying (though i tried both ways, too) The farthest i seem to get is with street fighter. it says it needs to update but the update fails. trying to play my original backup (sega) leads to a black screen.

    Quick update: I disabled network connections and tried to load SF. i got to the point of it saying there is no saved data, would u like to start. yes and no are available but it wont let me move the bar to chose. idk if it help but atleast that kinda loads.

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