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Thread: TI-84 Exploit and AsbestOS help?

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    phazer11 Guest

    TI-84 Exploit and AsbestOS help?

    does anyone here know how to use the AsbestOS Linux Loader with Brandon Wilson's TI-84 Jailbreak Exploit? I'm trying to load linux onto my PS3 again (read a friend is letting me "borrow" his firmware 3.01 Slim Unit since I had a few laptop SATA drives lying around until I get mine working with linux again ) as someone updated my PS3 fat to firmware 3.55 without permission so bye bye Linux V^V I would have posted in my old topic but it was locked.

    As always thanks for the help and please don't lock on first responder.

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    marc2590 Guest
    never tried it but i know you need 3.41 then you need to compile an .8xv appvar from the asbestos payload. try reading this thread for more info:

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