okay so i've been sitting on this for a while and thought i'd ask now. is there any difference in the hardware that would prevent sony from adding software backwards compatibility to the 40/new80/160gb ps3's?

the first i heard they were removing it i thought it was strange and i've since not heard of any differences in the hardware (though i suspect a few cheaper chips leading to things like only having 2 usb ports) and i have heard some vague suggestion that ps3 MIGHT someday get it back (don't remember where, sorry) but none of this gets any attention in the press i read (ars, kotaku) for w/e reason. anyway, since there are actual devs on here and such, just thought i'd ask. i think once sony reaches 10yrs ps2 and cuts off support then we'll see it, but idk that's why i'm asking. thanks for your thoughts!