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Thread: Is there a way to update Jailbroken Games?

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    mikerock98 Guest

    Is there a way to update Jailbroken Games?

    I saw a update to heavy rain but is there any way to update jailbroken games without internet access...

    i see you can d/l the pkg directly to your computer, but is there a way to update the game? Thanks

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Yes - it is possible although far from perfect for now - have a read here:

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    fromzero Guest
    The answer is a mostly yes. If you go online and obtain an update bypassing the psn firmware upgrade and don't have the lanch12345 folder on your ps3 BUT there's a possibility of being banned. The other way is there is a website (I wont link it but you can google it) that offers ps3 game updates.

    Here lies the problem: You most check out the ps3 compatibility list and see if updates are compatible. I've read that some people have even taken their jailbreak online and played hd backups.

    I think it's a horrible idea and the only reasons why I would backup a game is to extend the life of my laser, decrease loading time (modnation is horrendous) and try to create less heat (I have a backwards compatible 80gb, gets way hotter than the newest ps3 fat 80gb I had before).

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