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    jaehoony Guest

    Is there a way to run some code in PS3?

    I updated my PS3 like a moron a while back, so there's no way to install linux on in anymore...right? Is there any other way to run some c/c++ code in PS3? So I can experiment with the cell processor?

    I saw all these threads about PS3 SDK being leaked... Can I write some things with that, compile it, burn it into blu-ray or something, and run it in PS3?

    I will really appreciate it if someone can clear that up for me. I'm a bit confused.

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    Transient Guest
    If your PS3 is 3.41 or lower, then you can jailbreak and run your own code. If you've upgraded to 3.42 or higher, then you're out of luck for now.

    BTW, on a jailbroken PS3, there's a project to bring Linux support. It is a work in progress, but if it succeeds, then this method will likely be better than Other OS.

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    jaehoony Guest
    Thanks for the reply. Mine is 3.40. Awesome. Thank god. So after I jailbreak it somehow, how can I run the code?

    Do I just copy the executable into the HDD and run it in XMB?

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    Transient Guest
    First you need to make a PKG and then you can install it on your Jailbroken PS3 using the install PKG option (same as any other app).

    Please refer to this post for more detail on how to go from compiled SELF to PKG.

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    Zeratul Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jaehoony View Post
    Mine is 3.40.
    Today you can't use JB with this FW.
    You must update for 3.41 or wait for new payload.

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    Preceptor Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Zeratul View Post
    Today you can't use JB with this FW.
    You must update for 3.41 or wait for new payload.
    That's right, the only firmwares supported right now are 3.01, 3.15 and 3.41. But be sure to download the right firmware (perhaps from here?) and update it from the USB. Be sure not to update using the internet or you will update to the version 3.50 and then my friend, there is no going back for you. Marcan will soon release his linux under lv2 project, hopefully


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    jaehoony Guest
    That's awesome. Thanks for the help guys.

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