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Thread: Is there a way to remarry the bluray + motherboard controller?

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    ggz Guest

    Is there a way to remarry the bluray + motherboard controller?

    Hello guys,

    i am using a phat 60GB (CECHC04) with OFW 3.41 installed. The previous owner obivously replaced the bluray drive with a new one, probably because the old one is not working.

    Now i know the BluRay drive and motherboard controllers are married, which means my bluray drive is not working and I can't upgrade the firmware because it checks/tests the bluray drive when updating.

    Is there a way to remarry the devices? If not, will this be available in the near future?

    Is there a way i can actually use my ps3 at the moment? I can't use PSN because of the firmware version (3.41) and i dont want to upgrade to 3.56 anyhow, and i can't use the bluray drive either which kindof makes it a bricked PS3 right now...

    Thanks in advance

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    severusx Guest
    No, without the original BD controller you won't be able to use the drive. You can use a JB dongle and load backups of your games from the HD using the app_home icon from the game column, but not all games will launch without an original disc in the drive. However, this is better than where you are right now.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Actually there may be a way, apparently a few people have gotten the method posted here to work:

    Now my spanish is nowhere near good enough to describe the steps that are taken. But just incase your spanish is good it might be worth a look. I think the general idea is it uses a USB payload to first retrieve the new key then a second payload to replace the old key on the mb with the new one (not even close to sure on that though lol) but either way it's looking good for a well documented fix real soon.

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    severusx Guest
    Thats cool, and news to me, thanks barrybarryk! I'm going to try to read it with my bad spanish.

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    DeViL304 Guest
    Also worth mentioning that you can update your ps3 firmware a few different ways, I have done it before with a different working bd board attached, just the board , power cable and large flat ribbon cable, leave all the other smaller ribbon cables unplugged. It has worked for me and others on here ive suggested it to before. Obviosly even on newer firmware you still have same issues.

    I'm hoping with grafs linux access to the hardware we will see a solution to the BD board marrying proccess very soon.

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