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Thread: Is there a way to change fan speed from the PS3?

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    GZA1984 Guest

    Is there a way to change fan speed from the PS3?

    Hi all,

    I'm having issues (again) with my PS3. it's my 4th YLOD. I've always been able to repair it myself, but after some time I get it again. Now I noticed some burn spots on one side of the PCB. Brown parts on the top left and top right, but not anywhere near the cores or something.

    this is my 2nd PS3. My 1st PS3 made way too much noise. It was as if an airplane was going to lift off. My 2nd PS3 however is super quiet, which is weird.

    Is there a way to adjust the fanspeed somehow?
    Kinda getting tired of opening and fixing the ylod again and again

    tnx in advance

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    iCEQB Guest
    Brown Parts on the PCB ? And 4th YLOD ? Are you sure you are able to good care of electronic devices?
    Does your PS3('s) have / had good air circulation ? No side of the console blocked by any other object?

    Try to plug the Fan on a 12V spot and give it a go, it should run at full speed after that all he time....or get yourself a Slim.


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    GZA1984 Guest
    Ya, I know how to take care of electronic devices. I'm a programmer in the embedded world so ya
    I bought my PS3 in nov. 2007. my 1st PS3 was making alot of noise (really inane) and it died after 11 days due to an firmware update. It stopped reading discs. I had warranty so got a new one right away. That one worked untill march 2010. That's when I got my 1st YLOD. Didn't have warranty anymore so i decided to have a go myself since I have some knowledge myself.

    The PS3 has always been vertically and placed in an open area. I must say I started using the built-in Wifi since 2010 (used a wired connection/X-cable for 2 years). Maybe that's the cause of it? Because that's a part that also produces quite some heat.
    anyway I've always been reflowing around the cores itself and around the System Bus etc, but as you can see in the picture below the heat marks are completely somewhere else.

    Can someone tell me what parts those are? Used for what? PSU? Wifi?

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    wallace80 Guest


    Have you been applying thermal paste?

    without this it would certainly cause the system to overheat again.

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    GZA1984 Guest
    ya always removed the old one, clean it. reflow and apply new one. I use a Zalman STG1 Super Thermal Grease, which I always have been using for PC's as well. It's a tiny bottle with a small built-in brush.

    Ok so I managed to fix it again. Except this time I had some weird issues where my controllers would not connect and the XMB would lag and eventually crash. But I managed to hard reset it and it seems to be working now again. However my HDD and the area surrounding it get extremely hot.

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