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    KAOTICAL Guest

    Is there a switch in PS3 blu-ray tray to turn laser on?

    I bought a PS3 slim 160G (CECH 2501A) $30 it had video problems (It would start to look like snow on the menu, full of white dots and then it would freeze after 5 minutes, also it was hot to the touch.. the Blu-ray worked fine within those 5 minutes it would load any game as soon as it entered, it was perfect.. so i took apart the console and used the heat gun trick along with the 4 penny trick and new thermo paste (didn't work) i also added 2 dimes between the two fan plates and 4 screws (worked).. software perfect did not over heat.. Blu-ray did not work.. took it apart put it back together.. nothing.. erased hard drive entered 911 menu to do update from scratch for new drivers and build.. nothing..

    I bought PS3 fat 80G (CECH A01) Backwards compatible $30.. software perfect and warms up a little but not hot.. just needed a laser basically, so i bought it off eBay new in box $29.. installed it, no go.. followed the video to a T.. no go..

    I bought PS3 fat 40G $35 (CECH J01) YLOD.. heat gun 4 penny trick and new thermo paste.. works perfect blue ray.. software perfect..

    I bought PS3 fat 80G (CECH K01) 65% the game will load right away $100 with 1 controller.. software perfect Blu-ray loads 50%.. i bought a laser on eBay $19 new in box.. afraid to install it lol.. i will wait til the laser stops working..

    WITH THAT.. there has to be something that switches/turns the power "ON" with the laser (i cant find it) just as there is a "ON" switch for the spindle hub (makes disc spin (i found that) and the DVD injector (pulls dvd in.. (i found that).. in some cases i don't think drivers or menu's have anything to do with a fix.. there has to be a switch inside the Blu-ray tray setup/re-assembly.. that is being missed or over looked, after a lens or motherboard has been replaced or repaired is when a few hundred people run into (new) laser not lighting up issues

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    Foo Guest
    Umm... sorry but can you please have less details. Like just get straight to the point O.o

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    the7thchild Guest
    Purely drive issue. Changing the lens will fix your problem instantly.

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    kingdoggy Guest
    where's the resist to change it's lens?

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    windrider42 Guest
    There is no switch that I know of.

    You either need to just troubleshoot the Blu ray drive or replace the lens.

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