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    rfic Guest

    Question is there a summary how to backup BR movie to play

    hi, guys,

    first time user for PS3, mainly use PS3 to play BR movie. try to figure out how to backup BR on PS3 and how to play it

    have read thru a lot of posts in PS3news, feel very confused

    1. i think we can backup BR on PS3, but can we play them on PS3 or we can only play them on PC?

    2. when backup BR, do we have to do it in linux or linux is just one of a lot of ways to backup

    3. can we play backuped BR movie from linux?

    is there any guide for newbie like me so that i can have some whole picture what we can do with our PS3


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    Apr 2005

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    rfic Guest
    thanks. in fact, i browse all these posts quickly: just feel even more confused -- it looks like there're several different methods or what's difference between those method?

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    Apr 2005
    Honestly, no clue since I have no desire to back-up the (1) Blu-ray movie I got free with my PS3 here.

    Any others try them?

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