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Thread: Is there a solderless Infectus Chip?

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    Jbbrack03 Guest

    Is there a solderless Infectus Chip?

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a solderless Infectus Chip or if there is an accessory that would make it that way. I'm not scared of soldering, but I'm scared of wasting a ton of money. I'm going to need to downgrade a ton of PS3 consoles very soon and I don't want to buy a separate Infectus chip for each one. It would be easier and cheaper to have a solderless version that I could just pop in and out to do the downgrade. Any guru's know of such a device?

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    idone Guest


    NO, there is no solderless solution.

    And if the ps3 is at 2.10 and maybe even 2.00 or above it is already too late for you to downgrade.

    Your best bet if you really have "a ton of PS3 consoles" is to use hot air to remove them and buy a more expensive programmer to just pop the chips in.

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    Jbbrack03 Guest
    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, that was what I was afraid of. I run a modding/repair service and the PS3 launcher is about to drop, so I am just trying to get everything prepped to be able to do this for people. Historically Sony responds to mods by releasing firmware that negates it. So we're going to quickly need a virtual Pandora Battery to roll firmware back after it gets blocked. Thanks for your input!

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