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Thread: is there psgroove for 2.76?

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    ehud0406 Guest

    is there psgroove for 2.76?

    i have ps3 phat with 3.41, now i have 1 original contoller and bought from ebay 3 controller that turns out to be fake, so i downgraded to 2.76 and now they work but the psgroove doesn't work.

    i found that the ti84 had a psfreedom that support 2.76 but i have the teensy 2.0 is there a way to fit it in to the teensy to work, or is there a psgroove that works on version 2.76?

    thank you

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    severusx Guest
    There is a PL3 payload for 2.76. I'm not sure about psgroove. Evilsperm has many hexes for many boards and versions so I would check some of his threads.

    So you bought 3 "fake" PS3 controllers from eBay that only work on 2.76? Why not just return them and stay on 3.41 to maintain your BluRay functionality and game compatibility?

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    ehud0406 Guest
    i didn't know the controller was fake they look just like the original, i had them almost 7-8 months.

    but i upgraded to version 3.10 then they stop working but it is to late to return them.

    and i know there is the payload for 2.76, but is it possible to find a version that uses teensy 2.0 or psjailbreak2?

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    severusx Guest
    There is definitely a PL3 payload for 2.76 that works on Teensy. On this post: you can find the hexes for 2.76 as well as other firmware versions. Check the attachments link on the post to quickly view all the files.

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