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    kylum Guest

    Is there a list of all YLOD issues?

    I have been trying to fix a friends ps3 for a few days now and i belive that it is dead, but there really isnt any good info out there on this. Exept for reflowing it. I have reflowed it and i also used flux to ensure proper soldering. I have done atleast 20 or 30 xbox reflows so i know what im doing. the problem is that i dont belive that the gpu and or the cpu is the cause. is there any other things to look for. A visual inspection shows that all is good.

    I also noticed something i haven't read yet. If i hold down the eject button while flipping the main power switch, it doesnt ylod right away. It takes about 30 seconds or so till it does it. but does act like an overheating issue cause the fan is blowing at full power.

    Now that being said. Is there a temp sensor or something that might have gone bad that might make the system think it is over heating when in reality it is not.

    Any advice and comments welcome

    thanks in advance.

    oh, and the washer trick is crap too...

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    Apr 2005


    I ran a quick search for ya.. here are a few articles/guides on the YLOD, one of which you mentioned already but for what it's worth:






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    Krisdog Guest


    I am way too familiar with what you have just posted. The ylod has a laundry list of trouble shooting. It sounds like you covered about 5 of them. If the fan is blowing extra hard, then this a cured "at" orsShortly before your ylod, it was postponing the fail, there is no thermistor sensor on these fans. They basiclly run at alittle under 12 volts. ( 1 of Xbox's issue was they only have 5v going to each 12v fan) ie: heat equals failure.

    When you are temporarily not getting the ylod when holding down the eject button you are temporarily postponing what would be the systems initial power up sequence. At this point you will most likely have to search for schematics and you a multimeter to trouble shoot. Good LUCK

    I have also had systems that sounded like a jet taking off , and it is still playing to this day 6 years later.

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    kylum Guest
    Yeah, already read all that and have done all the actual fixes. that last one is a complete joke by the way. think i would end up puttin my system in an actual computer case lol.

    krisdog, wouldn't there have to be a sensor. If not the fan would blow full force at all times. this is not the case on any ps3's i have came accross. they all speed up and slow down depending on what the user is doing at that given moment. I have already spent a fw hours testing with my multimeter lookin for some obvious issues.

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    Krisdog Guest


    The short of it that there is a senser that turns from low to high. It is activated by a thermocouple. I was miss understood earlier, I was trying to say that if stick on high speed it is not always a heat issue. It may have got super hot and then the fan is stuck spinning high.

    If there were an easy fix, easy answer you would have 5 post of people trying to help with solutions. I am a electronic tech and these things are mass produced and with sub par engineering. Dont get me wrong I love my ps3s but you would think for the price we pay at stores they would work.

    I have a sony home theater system, I play that thing on max vol. everyday for 8 years and never one problem. COUGH COUGH ...CONSPIRACY to buy another because sony loses money on every system, they count on software believe it or not. And this JB is really opening there eyes to much larger profit losses. ANY WAYS good luck bro

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    i would like to know that too...

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    kylum Guest
    Ok, when I did the reflow I didnt take off the heat spreaders form the chips. I'm gonna try another reflow with them off. Plus I was thinking that the thermal compound between the actual chip and the heat spreader could also be the problem.

    Thanks for the help guys. I will report back once I give her a try

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    poodlepoo Guest
    I got the YLOD last Friday and I decided to perform a reflow on my PS3. I recommend changing the thermal compound. I used Arctic Silver 5 after hearing it was the best one to use. The fan hardly makes any noise now. The PS3 has been working fine since.

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