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Thread: Is there a graphic performance tool for PS3?

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    luxox18 Guest

    Is there a graphic performance tool for PS3?

    In pc we have many tools where can debug graphic frames from games for example in BF3. the following images show the original capture and the other two are the textures from the frame and geometries.

    my question is: there are a open and public tool that can take a frame and show textures, geometries and other things for ps3 under pc?

    (xbox360 have pix tool under xdk)

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    JeoWay Guest
    I don't believe there are such tools to use. I use to work a bit on tools for the PS3 (firmwares for OFW), that would boost certain directory types and give a bit more of a performance enhancing type pup

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    Liongooder Guest
    I don't think so, with $ony things such as these are limited.

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    JeoWay Guest

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    laker Guest
    PS3 has a graphics performance tool called 'GPAD' (Graphics Performance Analyzer and Debugger) under SDK.

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    luxox18 Guest
    The sdk PS3.Full.3.40.SDK.PS3-DUPLEX have the gpad tool? and can I use this in my ps3 CEX?

    Thanks for the answer... thanks to all

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