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    Is there anywhere to request Sony a feature in the new firmware ?

    I would like to make a request to Sony and I really don't know where I can put it. Fix Subtitle Position.

    I got my new projector with anamorphic lens. When I play a movie in 2.40:1 format some discs plays the subtitle inside and outside the picture. First line in second line out. This is terrible because you loose space on your screen to fit this only line of the subtitle.

    Some dedicated blu-ray players don't do that. Like Oppo BDP-83. They have an option to move the subtitle up.

    So I would like to request Sony to add a feature so you can move your subtitle up and down.

    As I know a lot of SCEA workers use this forum, they could pass this forward and help all the movie enthusiasts that uses the ps3 as the main blu-ray player on their home theaters.

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    There actually is an official way to request new PS3 Firmware features and allow others to vote on them, see Sony's site here:

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    Made the request. It was hard to write it in 200 letters.

    Let's hope sony sees it..

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    Google Earth on PS3! That would be so awesome!

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