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Thread: Is there anyway to copy install data to a PC?

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    Is there anyway to copy install data to a PC?

    Sorry if this has been asked already, but i would like to know if there is a method to transfer install data to a PC hdd. I'm asking this mainly for Pro Evolution Soccer series. It installs roughly 3Gigabyte of data to the Playstation 3 HDD. I suspect this contains most of the graphics file such as face kits and stadiums.

    I used to make patches for the Playstation 2 version for a few years back, and i'd like to try and edit this data if possible. With there being no modchip available for the Playstation 3 i think this would be the most likely method of patching the graphics files in the game. The PC & xbox360 have modify there files but i wish there is a method for PS3.

    I'm using a Slim PS3, as my fat one died last month YLOD

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    Sony doesn't want users to be able to do this, so sadly there is no easy way. There are some advanced tools intended for Devs that allow you to do it, however, they are extremely complex to use so unless you are quite savvy with such things they probably won't help much.

    Here is a post that links to them though:

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