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Thread: The Tester 2 SD PS3 store links help?

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    Franklint Guest

    The Tester 2 SD PS3 store links help?

    Hi guys,

    I'm really sorry to post this here, but I have been searching for the direct links to the SD versions of season 2 of Sony's The Tester for about 10 months, and have so far not come up with much. Episodes 1 and 7 do have SD links, listed in the All New PS3 Store Links Thread on these very forums, but the other episodes unfortunately only have HD links. I don't actually own a PS3 myself, otherwise I would have gone through to process of obtaining the links myself.

    Is there any way someone could go onto the PS3 Store and find the SD links to the rest of the episodes, including the finale and the extra scenes? I would be forever in your debt!

    Many thanks.


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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Well I can't help you (since I don't have access to PSN atm), but if anyone can help this guy out with the links he wants I will +Rep you !

    Also you've posted this in the right section, if you haven't (and I'm wrong) the boss will move it to the appropriate section.

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