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    The Testament of Sherlock Holmes PS3 help?

    hi, hope someone can assist me.

    i am on rex 4.21, game on external usb, when i run BLES01485 The Testament of Sherlock Holmes it gives me 80010017, is there a patch perhaps?

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    Try to install multiman 4.13.00, it has a feature with REX, which will ask you if you want to play the game on 4.21, cause i think The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is 4.25.

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    thx for the response, however mm 4.13, still same error

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    Feb 2008
    Works on Rogero 4.30 CFW..

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    thx for the response. maybe i must just rip it again.

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    Jul 2011
    if download from a site might have been a bad rip as saw one where has been reuploaded due to being a bad rip and now works with rogero

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