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Thread: Test bed for PS3 flash memory downgrade help?

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    rivethead Guest

    Question Test bed for PS3 flash memory downgrade help?

    Hi, I have been reading through and have seen no referances to this idea. While I have no problem soldering the 50ish connections to reflash my ps3 memory in order to downgrade, I have 2 myself and a few friends who would like me to downgrade theirs, so i thought a simple test bed made on protoboard and header pins may be a good idea.

    A simple way to have correctly aligned oins may be to scan and print a copy of the ps3 motherboard, and overlay it on my protoboard. I'm just wondering: if this is a good idea, why hasn't someone else done so..?

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    niwakun Guest
    just spend a another 20cent for a clip so you wouldnt be dealing for about 39 wires to solder although there are 3 more wires to solder even with NOR clip but that's not a hard to deal with anyway.

    also don't get e3 if you plan to reuse it on another PS3. Just use progskeet.

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