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    fonky2mars Guest

    Tell me more ...

    hi guys ! need some info. I made a backup with SAK of my game fifa Street I have download it on my PC and i see the file is a .aa file, what's this format ? is a movie ripped is this type ? i have renamed it in .iso and i burn it on a dvd it appears that the architecture is the same than in the blu-ray disk exactly.

    How does the ps3 make the difference beetween an original Bluray and a burned one ? What are the mains protections on the Blu-ray disks ? what are their name ?

    how many of you have a Bluray burner ? and have you already burned a Blu-ray game ?

    thanks for all

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    Apr 2005
    If it made more than (1) .aa extension file then you likely need to join the parts together with one of the PS3 SAK ISO joining utilities available. Then the .iso can be burned to Blu-ray disc, however, there is no way to play them and it will just appear as a 'data disc' on the PS3.

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    Kraken Guest
    Wasn't it determined on the TEST PS3 that there was some extra data on the disk which wouldn't copy via linux? What if the blu-ray burn had that data added back in? Also is that data available using the PC which can read PS3 games?

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    Apr 2005
    Not that I'm aware of... the game images need to be patched to run via TEST/Debug, but as far as I know there isn't any extra data. CJPC would probably be able to elaborate though...

    As for comparing a PC drive-dumped image to a PS3 Linux-dumped image the extracted files appear the same but the entire image/size I will have to check and report back on.

    Edit: My Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom PS3 image dump sizes:

    PS3 Linux: 8.27 GB (8,880,652,288 bytes)
    PC Drive: 8.27 GB (8,880,652,288 bytes)

    So it appears they are identical indeed.

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