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    rlorenzo Guest

    Tekken 6 Trophy error 0x8002291b help?

    Hi all,

    my scenario is: a FAT PS3 with firmware 3.15, jailbreaked with a PSGroopic, with latest hex (PL3 Kakaroto) the problem is quite simple, as I start the game with latest version of open manager, it gives me the error number 0x8002291b saying:

    Impossible to load/save trophy data.

    I tried to update it with the latest patch, but nothing happens.

    someone can help ?

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    clouduzz Guest
    Not sure your exact problem but... I'm using Hermes V4b 3.41 and I just did this game last night. I loaded the game with cover manager had a disc in the drive (not sure it even needs one) updated the game, got the trophy can't install error. Went back to xmb then tried to load the game again and it worked perfectly. I also never played it before so maybe you have to delete your old data?? Not sure but I hope you get it working, I know it does work with the latest update

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