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Thread: tekken 6 ps3 split issue help?

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    djkarupt Guest

    tekken 6 ps3 split issue help?

    Ok so im talking about the the 4.56gb file that is in the tekken 6 folders, its a psarc file and when i slide that file onto the psarc.exe it extracts it. YaY!!!

    Here is the problem when i ftp it into my ps3 console and load up the game, it goes to the bandai logo and after that it stay on black screen. any advice"?

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    severusx Guest
    Run it from the internal drive without splitting the file. Many games do not work correctly with split files.

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    Natepig Guest
    I think its best just to ftp any of these games with big files to the internal. I keep all of them on my pc hdd and if someone wants to play one it takes 30 mins max to ftp it over.

    I know that certain games can work with split files but the way I do it saves any headaches while I live in hope of full ntfs support.

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    djkarupt Guest
    I thought there is a fat 32 limitation? How do i keep the file, one file?

    How to i put them together, can i put them together on the hdd?

    do a quick walk through ex. keep file together >ftp > or split files > ftp > put back together.

    EXTRA INFO, ALL my games are on internal.

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    severusx Guest
    You don't need to split anything, just transfer the game in it's original form over to the internal HD. If you have a game with split files, use MultiMan to transfer them from the external to the internal and it should (depending on how they were split) reassemble them correctly. You only have to use FAT32 on your external HD, the internal is not FAT32 so there is no file size limit.

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    madmax69 Guest
    I'm running unsplit games from external up to 7 gb with no problems , agree with severusx , try moving to internal with multiman , you can do this simply by going into the file manager and on the left hand colum select the folder it is currently in which will be the folder for your usb drive , on the right hand column drill down into the hdd folder were your internal games get stored , when the two halfs look like that move pointer to the bles game folder and highlight the folder and press select + O this should move the file from the usb folder to internal drive folder.

    another way is simply to select on the game folder view and click O to copy the game when asked select internal drive copy , once copied delete the file in external drive.

    I now also boot all games with a disc in , seams to be far more stable and prevents a lot of screen freezes.

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