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Thread: Tekken 6 EUR Blackscreen on Startup help?

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    ballal10 Guest

    Tekken 6 EUR Blackscreen on Startup help?

    Hey All...

    I've been trying and searching for couple of days to get Tekken 6 (EUR BLES00635) working from my internal HDD without any luck.. just gettin blackscreen on startup with a different original game inside the disk tray..

    i'm using open manager 1.17 with hermes v4b + 3.55 spoof (which i need to get NFS:HP to work)

    Did anyone who's got it working via internal, split the psarc file.. e.g:


    I split the "tekken.psarc" file with opensplit v1.0, renamed them to above, transferred to external HDD, from which i backed up to my internal using openmanager 1.17 but still only get the black screen at the start..

    any help would be appreciated..

    cheers Guyzz..

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    Natepig Guest
    Have you tried to ftp it unsplit to your internal hdd?

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    ballal10 Guest
    hey mate,

    yeh i tried it but the problem is that when i try ftp'ing the unsplit (original) "tekken.psarc" file to my ps3, ftp just automatically disconnects itself from my ps3 as its >4gb..

    i also have around 30gb free on my external usb but when i try moving tekken.psarc (original) which is only 4.49gb tomy external hdd, it says file too big and doesnt shift across lolz..

    so splitting it using opensplit and then copying to internal (from external) using OM1.17 appears to be the only logical solution, as people have mentioned that OM merges back the split psarc files when copying to internal..

    But even this doesn't appear to work.. i'm just stuck with the black screen at the start after the autosave message.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    you can't run any games with split files ever. to get it to run you need to copy it to the internal, the files will be merged. you cant have any +4GB files on a fat32 disc thats why it says its too big.

    to get it to merge the files correctly the parts have to follow the correct naming scheme, look in the thread for your manager for this.

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