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    Prince Valiant Guest

    Teensy 2.0 & Backup Manager?

    I have been unable to get any games to mount properly with this hex (PSGroove for ATMEGA32U4/Teensy 2.0) and backup manager. I flashed the psgroove_backups hex and I can install and run homebrew fine but, the backup manager always fails to mount games, could someone please help me out?

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    ehud0406 Guest

    there are a few files

    one of the teensy fileis for backup only and the other is for backup and play
    i use this one on my teensy 2.0 and it's works great
    i also attached the backup manager.
    please reinstall the backup manager,
    and flash your teensy with the atteched file.
    please make sure you have teensy 2.0 and not the teensy++
    (it is the shorter board).
    after you flash, use the switch or remove power plug.
    press the power and then the eject
    the light on the board should light up
    if so it will works for you.


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    Prince Valiant Guest
    I got it working by using the Hermes Payload. Now I just need to find something better than an old earplug container to be a case.

    Thanks for the help anyway, it is most appreciated.

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