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Thread: system update 2.42?

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    skyliner33gtr Guest

    system update 2.42?

    anyone know what this update does? im dl'd it now

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    Yakka Guest
    Officially it has better compatibility for ps3 compatible software

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    slowquicksilver Guest
    The update is supposed to make some video playback have better quality.

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    ohadabr Guest
    there is no other changes?

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    OnlineFire Guest
    Its not supposed to make video playback better. From what i read and know is that this is for making some ps3 titles work better. i think its aimed at making some online titles better. Also it has some security updates.

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    bjc Guest
    Wy is it that with an external hdd plugged in and wanting to view the hdd content under video you cant just press X as it doesn't find anything but you have to press the Triangle button then view all?

    Surely the system isn't that stupid?

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    assadanzar Guest
    All this update actually does is that it makes some titles more stable. Which means is that it makes some games play better and not crash and give u bugs. Nothing really big in this update.

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