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Thread: System activate after restore? (jb)

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    freakoutcast Guest

    System activate after restore? (jb)

    Ok so recently decided to back up and restore my data cause after otherOS was removed my system wasn't reporting the correct HD size....

    So after restore I noticed some themes needed me to activate my system... Which requires an update?

    So I guess what I want to know is there away to activate it or would it be possible to put my HD in a ps3 that can go on the network activate and download new games while i'm on...

    The question is will games and what not work when I swap back. will be using my account to DL them just on a diffrent ps3...

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Nope - sorry it's not possible - each hard drive is encrypted by and "married" to the particular PS3 and since the Sony introduced as an additional "copy protection" measure the need to reactive all online content every time you swap the hard drives this is a major PITA for all JB users who would like to upgrade their hard drives without loosing the current (active) content.

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