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    SexyVampiire Guest

    Swapping MP4 video and MP3 Audio files in PS3 help?

    Well, I was poking around in Sonics Ultimate Genesis Collection, and noticed something rather interesting.

    The title logo for sega, And the BG on the press start screen and ect, Were all MP4 movie files. Would it be safe to swap these out with my own? Or is there some form of hashcheck when the game is booted?

    I would love to customize this a bit, And possiablly even replace these with small things to shrink the HDD space used (Rips anyone?)

    For those interested in poking around this. Hitup the area of BLUS30259\PS3_GAME\USRDIR\fmv

    Because hell, The FMV directory with all of the videos takes up well... 600 MB, Of the discs 1.2 gigs.

    Also, Would it be safe to remove the PS3UPDAT.PUP stored in the disc as well?

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    lindwurm Guest
    Hi... yes it safe to remove PS3UPDAT.PUP coz it's for firmware update and you can delete the video file as long the file is in some bonus content and not for main event also you can make more space by deleting some speech file (.PSARC) and leave an english file.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I think it would work if you replace the MP4 files, I've changed the .bik (movie files) for SvR 2011 plenty of times and everything works fine. Just make sure they're the same size as the original (width and height).

    But I would keep the original files just in case.

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    SexyVampiire Guest
    Thanks for the info folks, I think it would be pretty killer to have a different BG / Startup page for the game.

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