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Thread: Swapping 160gb for 500gb hd & keeping games

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    JAxXBOSS Guest

    Swapping 160gb for 500gb hd & keeping games

    So I have like 12 games on my internal right now and ic an see I will need more room so i bought a 500gb hd. Is there a way to keep the games thats on the 160 to the 500 or do I have to re do them the way i did em the first time when i put em on the 160?

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    Calo09 Guest
    i think you have to redo them all, and download any games you got from the psn, you probs can't access it if you've jailbroken it. you could try backup to an external drive. then swap the hdd, then restore data see if that does help. i'd need clarifing first.

    as for cloning you can only do a sector by sector clone. but in doing it will only recognize your larger hdd as the original which is pointless.

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    EiKii Guest
    i guess you could use the backup utility built in, in the xmb SYSTEM menu, if you have an external, if not you can download them again when online to same account,

    The built in backup utility should work imo.

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    Ok buddy you want to copy ur contents such as PSN games, DLC's, savegames, images, videos, music to a new hdd. Ok you'll need 3 hdds (2 internal & 1 external usb hdd to do a full backup/restore).

    1st you have to backup older hdd (eg 160gb) on external usb hdd (size should be equal/bigger than ur older hdd, eg 160gb) by using backup utility from system settings. Now put your second internal hdd (eg 500gb) in your ps3 format it after formating connect your external usb hdd and restore it by using backup utility from system settings.

    You have succefully copied/moved all your contents to new hdd now.

    Note : This backup will only work on same PS3 from which the backup has been made.

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