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    VirusZ Guest

    SwapMagic switch help

    Can some one point me to the guide about how to Install a switch on PS3 for the swapmagic?

    I searched for 2 hour but cant find, whats funny is that i purchased my swapmagic after I stumbled on such guide one month a go and now i cant find it.

    I know about USB way, but its slow and even less compatible then already PS3 60Gb PAL software emulation, so i prefer to install a switch and be done with it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Apr 2005


    Here are some related threads on it.



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    VirusZ Guest
    Thank you Sir.

    I see that with this method you dont even need Swap Magic?! Is there any benefit of using Swap Magic instead of PS2 Disk?

    Anyone knows about people that damaged their PS3 from this method?
    I mean not damage from left hands and wrong installation but from using the switch?

    Someone said that some people damaged their lasers and that you need to wait 8:30 minutes to swap (on you tube movies they all swap in seconds).

    I was thinking that the benefit of using Swap Magic is that you dont need to wait, technically swap magic stops spinning when its loaded, or am I wrong?


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