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Thread: Swap Magic hangs

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    brun0 Guest

    Red Face Swap Magic hangs


    every time I try to press D-Pad Up and any R or L buttons Swap Magic 3.6+ seems to hang up. This only happens when a USB memory stick is plugged in.

    The green menu bar stops blinking and no more buttons are recognized except the PS button with which the game can be reset.
    I have already tried every USB port and some sticks, always with the same result.

    The USB memory sticks are FAT32 formated with a size of 4GB, PS3 firmware version is 2.80.
    Do I have to format the memory sticks to another FS?!

    Tanks for your help!

    OK, PSP in USB mode works fine. Seems to I've got some bad usb sticks...

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    Is this in regard to the PS3 USBLD Loader? If so, I will move this post there... otherwise, this probably belongs in the general PS3 section not the HDD one.

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    maxpwer222 Guest
    Swap Magic is really finicky about what usb drives work. What you are describing is basically Swap Magic doesn't like it. Try to find another drive to try.

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