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Thread: Swap Magic with FW 2.40

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    rob7624 Guest

    Swap Magic with FW 2.40

    Does anyone know if you can use swap magic with Firmware 2.40? If so what version of swap magic do you need to have?

    I used to have yellowdog linux installed on my 60GB along time ago, I have since sold that and bought a new 80GB system and want to burn some SNES and SGEN emulators for the PS3, but I do not want to Install Linux on my new system, so if I can do this with Swap Magic on FW 2.40 that would be what I am looking for.

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    ST0RM53 Guest
    i just posted a tutorial on clearing everything, just wait until the moderators aprove it. You can watch my proof video here:

    and it works on fw 2.40

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    pockets69 Guest
    I think you need to have the coder version the ps3 has to be an 20gb/60gb with emotion engine and if you have the 2.40 firmware the swap magic will only work on the PAL version i think... about the ntsc the 2.40 update blocked the swap magic i think.

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    shodown19 Guest
    Interesting. Because I'm looking to download the tools to use Swap Magic and I have 2.40. I have two NTSC disc right beside me, and after popping them in, it appears not to work.

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    Misled3k Guest
    He isn't talking about using SwapMagic to swap discs and run PS2 backups, he is talking about using SwapMagic to run ELF files (i.e. SNES emulator).

    Also, you need to use the DVD version of SwapMagic, the CD version won't run.

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    micky2be Guest
    oh, I thought it was ok for playing other region PS2 games. I'm still here with my japanese, european and american games

    don't want to trash them, or to buy a new ps2 system..

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    monfrasier Guest

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    Hi everyone,

    I'll try that trick later since i have a remaining PS2 disk (Onimusha) and a PSP as well, I have 2 US PS3, one is running at FW 2.36 and the other at FW 2.01, Congrats on ur work!

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