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    Swap HDDs on two almost similiar PS3 help?

    I have two PS3. Both are fat and 3.55 cwf. Only diffrence is one have 4 USB ports and the second one have only 2 (later model w/o card reader and PS2 support).

    I need to swap they HDDs with all of the content (profiles, saves, games). Can I just plug-out-plug-in their HDDs, switch places or it will not do the trick?

    If not, then what is the best way to do so?

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    if you swap drives, it will ask you to format them. data transfer utility is probably your best option?

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    You need to make a backup of the HDD before changing consoles. Each HDD is paired with the console so if you just swap them will present an error. So you must make a backup with the data transfer utility to another HDD and then replace it.

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