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Thread: swap between two PS3 HDDs for JailBreak?

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    gnznroses Guest

    swap between two PS3 HDDs for JailBreak?

    I know that when you put a new HDD in your system, the PS3 formats it, and that the HDD is formatted to only work on your PS3. But can you have two HDDs formatted for your PS3, and swap them in and out without them needing re-formatted? Not sure if the PS3 stores a hardware ID of the HDD so that it'll only accept that one w/o a format?

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    gnznroses Guest
    cool, thanks. i found the answer to part of my question in one of those threads. you CAN swap two hdds.

    but, i realized the answer to the other part of my post and realized i had a total brainfart lol. the firmware isn't stored on the hdd, so you can't swap hdds to switch between the latest fw and a jailbreak-able firmware. doh!

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