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    zachman Guest

    Question Supported Video Types

    is there any way to play video's in formats other than those supported by an out of the box PS3? I have tons of .avi's and would rather find a way to play them than convert them to mp4

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    idone Guest
    Yes, linux + vlc media player = great compatibility and codec support.

    There are some tutorials on this here at PS3NEWS....

    Welcome and have fun!

    also there are many freeware media converters out there....downside is they are usually pretty slow and if you need to convert your whole library your time would be better spent getting acquainted with one of the linux distros.


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    slammy Guest
    ps3 plays avi's. most divx and xvids.

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    idone Guest

    However those are dependent on firmware version and are not available to those who haven't updated.

    Whereas linux can be installed as long as your above fw 1.00

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