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    westlers Guest

    Lightbulb Super Mario on PS3 help?

    Hi ! Is there any chance to play super mario on ps3 ?

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Yes you can play all nes and snes, not sure after that. only if you are on CFW though, try out snesX9 for PS3. If you are not on CFW and need to downgrade you will need to start another thread

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    killer124 Guest
    if you mean the nes game super mario brothers from 1985 you need to install cfw on your ps3 and download a nes emu and the smb rom... also i highly recommend you to write question like that in the searchbox not a forum, otherwise you won't get any friends but ppl telling you to use your brain and the search function

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    1Panic Guest
    Yes you could have easily searched this.

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