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Thread: Suggestions for PS3 rework equipment help?

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    Suggestions for PS3 rework equipment help?

    Ok, I didnt really know where to ask this question but I figured this section was relevent. I am going to try reballing a couple ps3's as a hobby. I was thinking I could do this with a IR preheater and a rework station, but I dont know which ones to get.

    I have been looking at the PUHUI t8280 and the x-tronic 8060. I would like to spend around $300 for both so that really limits me. What do you use? What would you recommend? Has anyone ever used either one of the units I'm looking at?

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    I moved your post to the help section as this is not PS3 Hacks news, however, I have also removed the 'where to shop' part as we don't get into that here. Comparing and discussing various units is fine, just leave 'where to buy' to Google basically.

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    I have not used any of those. But I would do your research before you buy. You want something you can put profiles on cause Xbox and ps3 are different for reballs. Also the gens of ps3 are different as well thanks.

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