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    Suddenly my backed up games freeze on load?


    I have ripped some of my games to internal HDD. They all worked fine for some days, until today. Now only two games work, the rest freezes when i load them from XMB. The PS3 hangs, and I have to flick the powerswitch to get the console back up.

    I can choose games in Backup Manager, and they will show in XMB, but will freeze after about a second. I have tried to reset the PS3, but still a no-go. Can anyone help me out?

    BTW I use PSfreedom on Iphone 3G.



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    Have you tried playing it without "jailbreaking it!" (ie with an original game) to test if it is the ps3 or something else?, I mean can you get hold of another jailbreak device to test that? Have you tried re installing the backup manager?

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    Maybe it's a problem with the real game disc in the drive. Try another?

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    i have this problem two kinda. I backed up Hannah Montana and it works, yet i backed up Takken 6 and it goes to a black screen n frezzes.

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    I'll try that... lent them all to my buddy, but will be getting them back tomorrow.

    Quote Originally Posted by Transient View Post
    Maybe it's a problem with the real game disc in the drive. Try another?
    I'll try reinstalling BM. Thanks guys!

    Okay, reinstallling BM didn't work...strange thing is, I made one of the games work again by deleting game data... but I cannot delete data for the other games, cause there is no game data for them.

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    One thing I noticed was that one game (3D Dot Game Heroes) you have to set your PS3 to 720P before loading it, otherwise it locks up. Maybe that's your problem?

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    It could be your machine's problem or maybe bd drive not reading the game disc correctly, check another game disc on another backup and see if that works?

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    I had issues like this on my original install of backup manager. I'd get locked up on black screen after booting a game from the hard drive, and other games would just automatically launch (instead of going directly back to XMB after choosing which game to run). I downloaded the backup manager package (didn't even need to unstall the old one) and it solved all problems. I know you've already tried reinstalling it, but maybe get a version from another site and try that?

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    Yeah I've seen a few people with this problem in a variety of forums. It is usually solved by one of these 2 options:

    1. Delete the relevant GameData to the game you have backed up. However you stated you had already done this
    2. Do as General said above, and redownload backup manager.

    Remember, you can always restore your HardDrive as well. You will loose everything, but your Jailbreak will still work, and you can reinstall the homebrew apps.

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    Whatever you do, DO NOT UNINSTALL BACKUP MANAGER. That is if you don't want to have to re-backup all of your games. Just re-install, and everything thing should be peachy-keen again. I had the exact same issue as mentioned in the above quote.

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