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Thread: Stuntman Ignition Game Data Executable?

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    hurensohn Guest

    Stuntman Ignition Game Data Executable?


    I already posted this on a xbox360/ps3 board but nobody answered there (my nick there for anybody who cares: Morgentaler )

    So here we go:

    I was just browsing through my game data folder to see how much space each item was using, and I accidentally clicked X as I passed over the Stuntman: Ignition game data.

    Much to my surprise it actually tried to *execute* it as an application, even playing the chime and showing the PS3 logo. It did this both with a disc (GTA4) and without a disc in the drive. None of the other game data did this when selected.

    After the chime and the logo the screen goes dark so I don't know what else it might be doing.

    I should note my firmware: 2.35

    Possible exploit? (If I'm far behind the curve on this one, forgive me)

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    CJPC Guest
    No, someone most likely improperly set the Game Data's PARAM.SFO to be executable. This will not work for any exploit, as when the PARAM.SFO is set to be executable, it searches for a NPDRM EBOOT.BIN in the same directory, which is encrypted and signed by Sony.

    So basically although its a quirk, its not an exploit, or even an avenue to one.

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    hurensohn Guest
    thanks for your answer cjpc! when i have the Stuntman Ignition disc in my bluray drive, it will boot the game by clicking on the game data...

    everybody who wants to test this, can install the stuntman ignition patch 1.1 via ps3proxy or folding home method without possesing the game

    i downloaded the pkg to my computer but don't have the link anymore...
    i could upload it if anybody wants to play around with it and ps3news allows it. ^^

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    Sure you can upload that (if it's not too big in size) for those who still wish to play around with it, but you have to attach it... we don't allow offsite links to filesharing sites in the Forums.

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    hurensohn Guest
    it's not too big, 12mb

    have fun

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